gallery55Our Mission:

Dalet Gallery strives to contribute to contemporary dialog in a multi-faceted and playful way that emphasizes and explores channels of communication between artists and viewers. Our focus spreads across mediums, from painting, sculpture, and photography, to interactive and installation work. What interests us is the exploration of contemporary questions through a personal, originally presented narrative.

Our gallery program will include special events, such as performances, speakers, and workshops.

Our Name:

DALET is a 4th letter of Hebrew Alphabet in which every letter has it’s meaning. Dalet means door, the entrance way to truth. It also stands for poor man and for lifting up – elevation. Why we’ve chosen DALET as the name of the gallery: we associate an artist with a poor man, a soul that is lifting up to enter the divine door; the gallery is four walls that give to the artist possibility to share his over-helming experience.

Gallery hours: Tue – Sat 11am – 6pm, Sun & Mon by appointment.