oct. 21, 2011 – nov. 26, 2011         Go Live Your Own Life

Irena Gobernik
Leo Vayn

In their first joint exhibition, Leo Vayn, a photographer, and Irena Gobernik, a wood and mixed media sculptor, both from Princeton, NJ, explore the interplay and inter-dependency of the results of their inspirations.

There is nothing unusual that one artist uses the art of the other in his works. Sculpture especially is naturally predisposed to react to the environment and to be used in a certain context. But in this case this convention is taken a step further. Irena creates objects that by her design are meant to interact with surroundings and Leo, playing a role of a demiurge, tests them, puts them in different situations, creates narratives, while advancing his concept of “survival”. The resulting curious and touching portraits of the human-like beings create a stirring effect and serve as a social commentary on our own lives.

– Jeanne Heinz