apr. 1, 2011 – apr. 30, 2011         The Secrets of the Wind

Juri Kim

Dalet Gallery presents this solo exhibit of Juri Kim as a part of a project called CONTEMPLATIVE REALMS. Juri Kim’s work is an attempt at visual communication. She is interested in the relationship between text and image and between perception and knowledge and personal experiences. She uses text that she has collected from every day life to create a visual lexicon. Ms. Kim employs the Braille Alphabet writing system to prove the idea that what you see is what you know. The act of filling her painting with dots that are units and cells charged with a special and personal meaning is a practice that is reflective of a Zen exercise. The work is a constant act of finding and losing, remembering and forgetting, asserting and denying, inventing and destroying, daily evoking life and death. She wants to open a visual window for viewers to explore new possibilities.