apr. 1, 2011 – apr. 30, 2011         Sea of SAMSARA

Sky Kim

Dalet Gallery presents this solo exhibit of Sky Kim as a part of a project called CONTEMPLATIVE REALMS. “SAMSARA” is a Sanskrit word meaning the eternal cycle of life, or literally the “continuous flow” that captures the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. Sky Kim’s 30 foot-long scroll series captures this continuous flow, the imprinted path of noble transmigration through microscopic scanning. This vitality and non-stop evolutionary movement are what is going on in the center of her work. The visual intensity is a result of meticulous hand drawn labor and the numerous patterns made with a certain logic and creative mind are intriguing to look at, but complicated to create. There is a constant tug of war embedded in the organic undulations in her work. The images are comforting, yet dizzying; fluid, yet stagnant; organic, yet abstract; delicate, yet obsessive. Symbols of water and blood represent what we once were in the womb, the beginning point of life, and of her personal memory of her stillborn twin sister. In her work, each circle, the most perfect form found in nature, and each line contain the energy which allows a being to consistently evolve into a complete form of nature.